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GraphicConverter v2.3 is a shareware file conversion utility for the Macintosh.

This package converts the most common Atari, Amiga, and IBM formats to Macintosh formats, and vice versa. Additionally, you can edit pictures and generate lists which include picture information. GraphicConverter can read PICT, StartupScreen, MacPaint, TIFF (uncompressed, packbits, CCITT 3/4, and LZW), RIFF, PICS, 8BIM, 8BPS/PSD, JPEG/JFIF, GIF, PCX/SCR, GEM-IMG/-XIMG, BMP, ICO/ICN, PIC (16-bit), FLI/FLC, TGA, MSP, PIC (PC Paint), SCX (ColoRIX), SHP, WPG, PBM/PGM/PPM, CGM (binary only), SUN, RLE, XBM, PM, IFF/LBM, PAC, Degas, TINY, Neochrome, PICT (ATARI), SPU/SPC, GEM Metafile, Animated Neochrome, Imagic, ImageLab/Print Technic, HP-GL/2, FITS, SGI, DL, XWD, WMF, Scitex-CT, DCX, KONTRON, Lotus PIC, Dr. Halo, GRP, VFF, Apple IIgs, AMBER, TRS-80, VB HB600, ppat, QDV, CLP, IPLab, SOFTIMAGE, GATAN, CVG, and MSX; and that it can write PICT, StartupScreen, MacPaint, TIFF (uncompressed, packbits, CCITT3/4, and lzw), GIF, PCS, GEM-IMG/-XIMG, BMP, IFF/LBM, TGA, PSD, JPEG/JFIF, HP-GL/2, EPSF, Movie (QuickTime), SUN, PICS, PICT in Resource, PBM/PGM/PPM, SGI, TRS-80, ppat, and SOFTIMAGE.

GraphicConverter can manipulate pictures, but is no Photoshop.

German and French versions are also available.

GraphicConverter is in the directory /software/mac/GraphicConverter 2.3 (US) on the CD-ROM. GraphicConverter is from Lemke Software.

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