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JPEGView v3.3 is a postcardware image viewer for the Macintosh.

JPEGView lets you view files in the JPEG, TIFF, Windows BMP, GIF, Macintosh PICT, MacPaint, and Startup Screen formats. (This package requires System 7.0 or later to run.)

This package runs on both 680x0 and PowerPC Macintosh systems. JPEGView produces high-quality images, decompresses images fast, provides an excellent user-configurable slide show, automatically scales images to fit your monitor, and supports multi-monitor systems. This version has many new features over version 3.2.1.

JPEGView is considered to be shareware, but is actually readily available at low or no cost. The author requires you only to send a postcard to him. If you want a printed copy of the new help, there is a fee, described in the readme file.

JPEGView is in the directory /software/mac/JPEGView 3.3.1 :c4 on the CD-ROM. JPEGView is from Aaron Giles.

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