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NIH Image

NIH Image v1.59 is a shareware image processor for the Macintosh.

You can use NIH Image to perform a variety of image manipulation functions, including contrast enhancement, density profiling, smoothing, sharpening, edge detection, median filtering, and spatial convolution. This package will also measure area, average ray value, center, and angle of orientation of a user-defined region of interest. NIH Image reads and writes TIFF, PICT, PICS, and MacPaint files, providing compatibility with many other applications, including programs for scanning, processing, editing, publishing, and analyzing images.

NIH Image includes MacPaint-like editing of color and gray-scale iamges, including the ability to draw lines, rectangles, ovals, and text, and supports multiple windows and eight levels of magnification.

NIH Image is in the directory /software/mac/NIH Image 1.59 on the CD-ROM. NIH Image is from Wayne Rasband.

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