Cel - This is something I've been working on for a long time... a long time ago. Cel is a prototype based object oriented language that is close to Self and Smalltalk in its design. After a request from someone in France, I've brought the site back online.

Colors for OS X - This is just a simple OS X program that will show you the RGB values of any pixel visible on the screen.

blogbot - This is an app I wrote that puts an RSS Reader into Internet Explorer. Now you can subscribe,unsubscribe, or keep track of blogs and RSS feeds in the very app you read them in.

Oreilly articles on SPAM: Article 1 | Article 2 | Slashdot Post About Articles

Qmail MailRemove - I get so many downloads for this, I've decided to create a separate page for this.

KeySwapper - Under Windows, make that CAPS LOCK into a useful key, like the CONTROL key.

Colors - This is just a simple windows program that will show you the RGB values of any pixel visible on the screen.

TRAM - Transactional RAM - this is an idea to use non-volatile (NVRAM) memory to accelerate filesystem and database transactions. This would make disk writes super, super, super fast. A paper about this just got published in Daemonnews.

QOS - This is a monitoring system I wrote while at eGroups.com. It is completely in python and production stable. Check it out on sourceforge for more info.

qmfilt - I made a simple qmail email filter. This is a simple email filter that eliminates email viruses from entering a mail system either internally or externally.

webping mailRemove and more... - Here are some useful programs for: pinging via http a website, removing mail efficiently from a qmail queue based on a pattern, and some other interesting things...

Pilot-Link - I am now a developer on the Pilot-Link project at Sourceforge. This software allows a unix computer to backup/restore/synch just like the normal Palm Desktop software.

Font Preservation - I really liked that Mac system font. So I decided to make a simple monochrome bitmap ripper. The ripper is junk, but it worked. See the results. (This was a two week hack - probably two days of work in a 9-5 job)

FreeBSD ethernet driver modifications for Wisecom fast ethernet card - I added support for this particular board in the DEC Tulip driver.

FreeBSD PPTP for Natd - I wrote some simple code to allow PPTP traffic to be tunneled through a FreeBSD natd firewall. The code is now part of the latest distribution.

Simli - A multiplayer role playing game

SquiggleHead - A first Java program

OpenStep Mach/Intel - Tips/Tricks for installing

LWC - A Light Weight Chat. There isn't a page for this. LWC is Yet Another Java Applet Client and an all Java server that uses UDP/IP for its communication. It was a great exploration of the good and the bad of UDP (Yes... it felt like I was reimplmenting TCP) It works great and is a great replacment for unix talk.

More projects are on the way..maybe

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