FreeBSD Wisecom Ethernet

FreeBSD Wisecom Ethernet is a simple modified driver for ethernet boards based on the Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) Tulip chipset. This is an ethernet chipset with PCI interfaces on a single chip. The driver in FreeBSD is the if_de.c file. I wanted to have a little fun, so I added support for these cards. Specifically, the card is a Wisecom D400 PCI 10/100 ethernet board.

Other notes. This was for FreeBSD 2.2.8 and it still has some kernel printf's. The autodection goes through some interesting loops, but it does work.

Hopefully, this code can serve as a reference for someone else building a driver for another operating system. I never finished it for production as I have moved from FreeBSD

For the modified version of if_de.c, just click here -> if_de.c.

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