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Win2k/Windows 2000 on the ECS K7S5A Pro Motherboard

This is a really nice board for an Athlon processor. It is almost exactly like the ECS K7S5A Motherboard motherboard. This information might apply to that board as well. If you have any feedback on differences, it would be appreciated.

USB Driver Issues

I did read on one forum that one of the PCI slots is disabled when you use the USB 2.0 features on this board. Watch out for that.

Sound Driver Issues

The board can have a couple of different sound chips based on the manufacture date. Mine had the Avance Logic ALC100P chip. This company was acquired by Realtek and I've found that the SIS 7012 Chip driver worked. Be careful because the C-Media driver will also install for the device and look like it is working. My only complaint is that the volume is a little low for headphone use. Maybe that is ok, from a health perspective.

LAN Driver Issues

The board's driver installed flawlessly. In fact, under Win2k, the driver did not require a reboot! I just moved the cable over from a PCI ethernet card that I had and everything came right back up. Nice!

Motherboard Specs