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The Netgear FSM7326P Prosafe 24 Port Managed Switch

This is an inexpensive switch that does Layer 3 (L3) switching. It has a decent web interface and provides SNMP. The main reason I bought the switch was because it was an inexpensive switch for PoE or Power-Over-Ethernet. We have Cisco phones (7960, 7940, 7960G, 7940G, 7912). Most of these phones are pre-standard PoE or non 802.3af compliant devices. This switch is one of the few, inexpensive ones that works without a problem. It even shows how much power each device is pulling when they are plugged in.

Lockup and Hanging Issue

We have had a few problems with this switch. It would fail or hang with the lights all dim. This is unacceptable for networking equipment. I reflashed it with the latest OS and it occassionaly failed with a switchdrvr.c error. I also noticed that it was using the pthreads library internally. This is kind of neat, since it just goes to show that the programs I write and the ones inside of a switch are cut from the same cloth.

Misc Info

The default username is 'admin' and without a password.
I have the release of the software running on the site. You can download it from their download page.