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ECS P4M800 PRO Motherboard

This is the best motherboard based on the reviews. First, its a nice small micro-ATX board, yet it has a ton of features. Overall this is a good AGP motherboard.

There have been many versions of this board made over the years. PRO-M was version 1.0 and then the latest is PRO-M3 is version 3.0. They just added some tweaks and more support for different CPUs.

My big complaint is the lack of DVI for the video and the lame chipset for the video. I recommend getting a cheap Nvidia card for Linux OpenGL. I chose Linux as the OS , because I didn't have an additional license for windows. I am running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. The sound and driver support were just fine since this board is so popular.

Motherboard Specs - ECS P4M800 PRO-M

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