Tyan Thunder LE-T and Linux 4 GIG / Redhat 7.3 Problem

I have been having a serious problem with a Tyan S2518GN Dual Processor motherboard. These motherboards are dual Pentium III capable and optimized for use in rackmount situations. This system uses an RCC Serverworks III LE chip set.

Anyways, we tried to use 4 gigs of RAM in a 2U systems. We used Redhat 7.3, which was using a 2.4.18 kernel.
When this system starts the kernel, it runs slow (actually very slowly). It would take 10 minutes to boot up or shut-down. All of the hardware was fine.

Our first solution was to try and limit the memory with a MEM=3900M kernel boot option. This appeared to work, but then after about a day, the system would end up getting back into it's slow state. This usually exhibited itself in the form of a high-cpu utilization in system time (as opposed to user space time).
Our end solution was to pull 2 Gigs of RAM out !!

Hopefully someone will see this and tell me the magic required to get this to work. If they do, or I find a solution I'll post it here.

10/16/2002 - This still exhibited the behavious with the latest firmware Rev of 1.07
10/19/2002 - Slashdot just posted a link to some site recommending this board as a high performance web server board.

12/24/2002 - I recently played with a motherboard that Asus made that was based on the serverworks chipset. I found that I could get the problem to go away by turning off the Power Management. Hmmm....