Microsoft Visual J++ ( VJ++ )

I have used Visual J++ for a few projects. It has turned out to be an interesting system. I'm going to use this page to collect interesting notes about it.

Visual J++ made it to version 6.0, and then it was discontinued. It was replaced with Visual J#. The J# product compiles java and Microsoft's JAVA COM into CLR bytecode on .NET. This was done by a group at Microsoft India.

Here is a link to a good document on the unique delegate model that they added. I think it was a good idea.

When trying to put a control in a panel, you must create a new control and place it in the panel. I couldn't figure out a way to put an existing control in the container/panel.

11/05/2002 - When trying to set a registry item using the Registry or RegistryKey class, the value type is implied by the type going into the method call. For example, a string becomes a REG_SZ and a byte[] becomes REG_BINARY. This is probably how it works on .Net as well.

12/14/2002 - This has the history INFO: Historical List of Shipping Vehicles for Microsoft VM of Microsoft's Java VM

12/20/2002 - Why the .exe won't get the right icon. It has to deal with the icons being in alphabetical order. :-) Usenet post by a MS Visual J++ Product Guy