Get the LESS program from HERE. It is a great replacement for the 'more' program. It even has 'tail' command built in.

If 'View Source' stops working, to into Tools->Internet Options via the menu. Then click on 'Delete Files'. View source should work after that.

Always change the CAPS LOCK to CONTROL

For snappier performance and nicer fonts, turn off the fade effects and turn on screen font smoothing

Update: instead of using IE...

Making IE Keep the Status Bar (Old)

Start the 'explorer', from the Start menu, choose 'Run'. In the dialog box for that put in 'explorer'.
In the explorer go into the 'View' menu and pick 'Status Bar'.
Next, go into the 'Tools' menu and pick 'Options'.
At this point, pick the 'View' tab. You will then click on the 'Remember each folder's view settings'. Then you will do the 'Apply to All Folders' button at the top.
Ok, now click 'Ok' on that Dialog and close the 'explorer' app.

Now start up the 'Internet Explorer' app. Go into the 'View' menu and choose 'Status Bar'. Close internet explorer and re-open a new one. The status bar should now be permanently on.
You're done.